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CVPR 2020: Our Papers are Orals!

CVPR, one of the top-tier conferences in Computer Vision, accepted our two paper submissions as oral. Awesome!

Computational Imaging Workshop @ Google

Google, Mountain View organizes a workshop on computational imaging

Thoughts on Computer Vision and Machine Learning
The Learning Rule

April 27, 2019

A modern look at peer-reviewing

Jan. 1, 2018

Upcoming Seminars and Talks
Computer Vision Group Seminar

Thursday, Apr. 2, 13:00
2nd floor, room 210

Courses in Spring
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Seminar in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
BSc/MSc, 5.0 ECTS

Mondays (Spring), Tuesdays (Autumn), 10:15 to 12:00

Course Thumbnail
Advanced Topics in Machine Learning
MSc, 5.0 ECTS

Tuesdays 09.15-11.00 (lecture) and 11.15-12.00 (tutorials)

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Computer Architecture
BSc, 5.0 ECTS

Tuesdays 13:15 - 15:15 (lecture) and 15:15 to 16:00 (tutorials)

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