Face Landmark Detection

Computer Vision 2018

Upload and Process

Here you can upload an image for face landmark detection. Choose a file on your computer and click "Upload". Your image will be cropped to the detected face. The landmark detection can take a few seconds. Be aware that the images you upload are publicly accessible via the URL and will not be deleted until the end of the course. If you are a lazy cat and don't want to collect your own images, we provide celebrity faces below.

No file selected.

The cropped image and landmark text file will appear here for download. Each line of the text file contains a 2D coordinate corresponding to a landmark.

Cropped image Landmarks
Celebrity Faces

You may download these faces and pre-computed landmarks to test your implementation. I encourage you to use your own images, it is more fun! It will also make me happier because then I didn't create this website for nothing 😅

This application was created by Adrian Wälchli. Please report any problems immediately. Thanks to Qiyang Hu for providing the landmark detection code.